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By on 27 July 2010

After a long revamping of f3nd1 website, I decided to give this website a logo as well. In this post, I have made a documented the step by step process of designing f3nd1 website logo.

The initial inspiration comes from 2010 Logo trends and Inspiration: Colorful and Vivid Logos.

f3nd1 is a personal website and therefore not much icon object that can represent it. It should therefore represent my style, likeness and my personality. I downloaded some free fonts from for references. This has been my favourite website from the past as it supplies free royalty fonts and has many interesting features such as ‘Live Text Custom Preview’. Below is some of the fonts that I particularly like. 

Concept 1

Comment: Just exploring with Century Gothic Font. No real strong concept or idea.

Verdict: Looks like a key, meaningless. Move to the next concept

Concept 2

Comment: I am always amazed with bardcodes. Today, there are many types of barcodes such as GTIN-12, EAN-13, Code 93, Code 128PDF417Data Matrix 2D, Aztec CodeEZcodeHigh Capacity Color BarcodeDataGlyphsQR CodeSony Dynamic Digital SoundMaxiCodeShotcodeand Twibright Optar

Verdict: Out. I feel that this is another tacky idea.  Concept did not pursue…

More pictures:
[spoiler]**Click to Enlarge

Barcode ConceptBarcode Concept[/spoiler]

Concept 3

Comment: I was inspired a lot by the quality of logo in Inspiration: Colorful and Vivid Logos and wanted to make a similar concept

Verdict: Getting out of hand. Concept is discarded.

More pictures:
[spoiler]**Click to Enlarge

Rainbow Montage ConceptRainbow Montage Concept[/spoiler]

Concept 4

Comment: I was trying to achieve something 3D or something similar with Gestalt Multistability concept.

Verdict: I don’t really like it. skip..

More pictures:
[spoiler]**Click to Enlarge

3D Concept3D Concept[/spoiler]

Concept 5

Comment: Blending 1 font into another. I like this concept

Verdict: Not suitable for logo

Concept 6

Comment: Trying to make an emblem look

Verdict: Still don’t like it. Another failure case

Concept 7

Comment: I was browsing Chinese Patterns and Arabic Patterns in Flickr and really inspired me a lot. Eventually I had to custom made my own font, a modification from Xirod Regular.
Verdict: Really love it. T

More pictures:
[spoiler]**Click to Enlarge


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